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SEO For Ecommerce

Mark Woodcock

Jun 16, 2020

SEO For Ecommerce

SEO For Ecommerce: Google Ranking Factors For Ecommerce Websites!

SEO for ecommerce websites that rank higher in the search engine results and generate maximum sales!

It’s no secret; the ecommerce market is booming. The competition for sales is fierce as companies compete to reach larger audiences online. Shoppers have the convenience of buying at the click of a button, having a broader range of products, and comparing prices, all without moving from the sofa. The secret to success is knowing how to dominate in Google’s rankings. Higher rankings lead to increased visibility, clicks and conversions. For this reason, our blog today is focused on SEO for ecommerce that will elevate your rankings for a stronger business.

Why is SEO important for my ecommerce site?

While search engine optimisation is important for any business, it’s a must for an ecommerce store looking to make a profit from online sales. Optimising your website for increased conversions is essential when it comes to looking after your bottom line. SEO for ecommerce sites can be a costly process if not efficiently managed. From optimising countless product pages while scanning for duplicate content to meeting strict site speed guidelines. With all this thrown into the marketing mix, what are the most important Google ranking factors for ecommerce websites?

1) Better internal linking structure

The big players in the ecommerce industry have some of the most widespread internal linking structures online. Typically, ecommerce websites have more internal links than the average site – 70% more than the overall benchmark. You need to consider how your pages are intertwined to create a map of content. Your internal linking should make sense to your readers who are looking for a seamless shopping experience. Internal links should also give an idea of the structure and hierarchy of your website.

2) Detailed content marketing

You have endless opportunities to make your website bigger and, of course, better than your average ecommerce competitor. One way to achieve this is through original, quality content that is optimised through keyword research. This strategy only pays off if you optimise in line with search intent. A large quantity of poor quality content optimised for the wrong keywords will not result in conversions. Instead, consider what potential customers will type into Google to find your website. This will sculpt your content marketing strategy going forwards giving you the power dominate in the search results.

It’s not just important to optimise for core keywords; use LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords to rank for synonyms related to your focus keyword. These will give you alternative variations of your focus keyword that you want to rank for. The keyword ‘dress,’ for example, will spit out ‘dress alterations’ to provide your keyword context.

SEO for ecommerce using lsi keywords

It’s worth noting that as more people search using voice search, optimising your content for questions and natural language will take prominence. Take this point, though, keyword stuffing is a dangerous practice that should be stamped out as it will hurt your SEO rankings. Natural keyword optimisation is the best way to approach SEO for ecommerce websites.

3) Speed up your website

Site speed has been listed as one of the top ranking factors. Google is all about improving user experience and helping people find what they are looking for online. It’s no surprise that website speed has made its way onto the list of the best Google ranking factors. Does your website take longer than 3 seconds to load? If so, users will bounce right off. People expect results, at the click of a button. Use Google’s mobile testing tool for the best results.

4) Optimise for mobile results

While we’re on the subject of site speed, mobile-friendliness is another major Google ranking factor. When it comes to SEO for ecommerce, consider the experience of shoppers on all devices. Your ecommerce website should offer the same flawless experience on mobile, tablet and desktop. Since the launch of mobile-first indexing, there are no cutting corners. Google grows smarter with every algorithm update so you won’t be rewarded for sneaky SEO. Basically, your mobile website is considered the original version of your website. Make sure you deliver the best experience on mobile to reach the maximum visitors.

5) Age, domain and authority

Another Google ranking factor is the power of your domain. When looking to purchase a domain for your ecommerce site, consider all options. It’s essential to get your hands on a domain that has age, authority and trust to give business a head start online. A domain that features a keyword you want to rank for is a bonus. It automatically gives you a boost to help you appear first in the search results. Use this tactic only if your business is directly related to the domain name. SEO London, for example, is the name of a company that specialises in search engine optimisation – very clever if you ask us!

When it comes to Google ranking factors, domain authority and page authority are high on the agenda. Google scores websites from 0-100, which tells you the trust gained from powerful backlinks. SEO for ecommerce websites should include link building which results in a strong backlink profile and a higher domain authority. You can check domain authority using Open Site Explorer. Simply plug in your URL, and it will spit out a score for domain authority, page authority and new links gained.

We deliver professional SEO for ecommerce websites!

There’s nothing more frustrating to SEOs than a website that doesn’t follow Google’s best practices. We can spot errors from a mile away. If we can, you can be sure it’s on Google’s radar. No one can fully understand the inner workings of Google’s algorithm, but we come pretty close. When they aren’t working on client campaigns, our trained SEO specialists are doing more research into the industry. It keeps us ahead of the game and prepared for just about everything that comes our way. In need of SEO for ecommerce websites? We can help with a dedicated strategy for your business. Speak to one of our experts today on 01226 720 756 for professional advice.

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