Outreach marketing is on the rise.

After all, who doesn’t love hearing about an awesome product, brand or service from a source that they trust? With word-of-mouth marketing being shown to increase marketing effectiveness by as much as 54% and more and more businesses working to boost their online presence using organic marketing techniques, as it helps with SEO and your search engine ranking, it’s clear that outreach marketing is here to stay.

How do I get started?

To totally rock outreach marketing, networking is key. By connecting with bloggers, industry insiders or business associates, you can increase your brand’s exposure or promote your business, all without spending a penny! Today, influential bloggers and brands can hugely increase your engagement or conversions with a small Tweet, Instagram or mention and, with integrity currently at a high, with most bloggers or sites only endorsing or mentioning brands or products that they actually like and use, opinions matter more than ever. It’s easy to get started too – follow and interact with blogs and social media accounts from people you’d be interested in connecting with. It can seem daunting trying to find sites to contact, however research here is key. Browser and SEO tools, such as MozBar, are simple to set up and understand and are useful in helping you to choose the correct sites with the best rankings and domain authority. .

Consumers highly value recommendations even if they do not personally know the reviewer, with 88% indicating they find online reviews as trustworthy as personal recommendations (Source)

The pitch

Okay, so you’ve found sites and brands who share your passion and goals, but how do you actually feature on their page? First of all, do some research on the types of posts they publish – are there any gaps that you could fill? Are you an expert on a relevant subject they have yet to cover? Once you’ve identified your target. contact them by email. With the average worker receiving 121 emails a day, it’s important to ensure your email stands out, and we think we’ve come up with the perfect formula: keep your subject lines short, your message less than 200 words and include 1-3 questions to increase your chances of a response.

Although every site is different, most businesses or brands are more likely to respond if you clearly state the connection between your site or product and theirs and why it’s relevant. Most sites will want to know very quickly what you can do for them and so pitching your ideas or blog post plans or sending them a free product to test and review will make it much more straightforward. Leave the sales pitch at the door and be honest – this is what I do, this is how I think it would work and this is what I’m offering you. Brands will always act more favourably towards those whose pitches are straightforward and simple to understand. Remember, it’s a numbers game so don’t get disheartened if you don’t receive a response or if it’s just a flat out no – there are plenty more websites you can post on who would jump at the chance of an outreach post.

Why is outreach marketing right for me?

It forces you to get creative

Outreach marketing is all about trying to find creative ways to sell or promote your brand and its story. In a world where millions of different pieces of content are published every day, it can often be hard to stand out. Outreach is a perfect way to kickstart your creativity and to think outside the box – when pitching ideas, bloggers or site will ignore any posts they think are too generic or boring. Therefore, marketers are forced to come up with interesting and engaging ideas to help promote their brand.

It pulls, not pushes

We all hate that feeling that we are being dictated and sold to, and a great thing about outreach marketing is that it aims to bring customers to you – something marketers call ‘pull marketing’. It aims to motivate customers to actively seek out your brand, rather than pushing your products, brand or services to them, which can appear intrusive. Pulling customers towards your brand leads to enhanced brand awareness and, with the use of outreach posts, increased trust in your business or services.

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