A career in digital marketing is, for some, the perfect job

While a job within the digital marketing sector does involve a lot of activities that might make your friends who work in accounting very jealous indeed, there’s much more to it than simply posting a meme. As an industry, there are plenty of different skills and jobs, and the job opportunities are seemingly endless. A truly exciting yet competitive career, here we give you all the knowledge you’ll ever need to get your foot in the door and earn that career in digital marketing!

What is digital marketing?

In simple terms, digital marketing refers to the promotion or advertising of companies, services or products through digital channels and technologies – using search engines, mobile phones, emails, websites, social media and more to connect with prospective and current customers.

What qualifications will I need?

Don’t be put off if you don’t have a degree in marketing – employers within the industry are looking for much more than a piece of paper. The ideal candidate is technical, creative, and has business proficiency along with being knowledgeable about the industry – so companies aren’t asking for much! While it sounds like a lot, as long are you are passionate and have the skills needed to excel in digital marketing, your chances of being hired will hugely increase.

If you do have a degree, qualifications in Creative Writing, Journalism or English are ideal for those looking for content related jobs, while computer sciences and business degrees make for the perfect SEO or website design positions.

The 20 most common digital marketing jobs being advertised on LinkedIn required candidates with a wide range of skills, from SEO and social media to Google Analytics and content marketing.

Want to know how to land a job in Digital Marketing? Here’s how:

Know your stuff

Don’t know your SEO from your SMM, your PPC from your CPC? Now’s the time to learn! While no prospective employer will expect you to know everything, those passionate about digital marketing and those simply needing a job are easy to spot through knowledge alone. You wouldn’t take an exam without knowing the test material, so why go in for an interview without researching the company?

  • Get to grips with the latest social media techniques – even if you’re not an expert, simply knowing what’s going on will show that you’re willing to take the time to learn – it’ll also give you invaluable skills when you land that first job!
  • Follow marketing blogs and news sites – blogs such as Moz Blog, HubSpot and Search Engine Land post daily with the latest industry news, meaning you’ll always be up to date
  • Do some research on top campaigns – not only will you be able to see how digital marketing practices are used in the real world, you’ll also impress your prospective new boss
  • Market yourself – as digital marketers are constantly using social media, whether for work or networking, it’s fair to say that a lot of employers will take a peek at your own social media channels, or simply Google you, before deciding to hire you. Choose professional-looking images, especially on Linkedin, and engage in relevant content, whether through likes or shares. After all, if you can’t market yourself, how are you expecting to promote someone else’s brand?

Perfect your skills

Before you get started, think about your skills – are you a computer whizz, a social media star or a confident salesperson? There are so many different branches and jobs within the sector, there’s something to suit every skill. A career in digital marketing will often mean you have to wear more than one hat – from video production and giphs to becoming an expert on gravel, the role is completely varied and requires individuals who aren’t afraid to throw themselves straight in. While workplace specific skills are, of course, crucial, personal characteristics shouldn’t be forgotten either – great digital marketers are inquisitive, multitaskers and always willing to learn. The industry is forever changing and, as such, while an understand in the digital world is key, to be successful this has to be combined with technical skills, such as website design, creative skills like infographics, and analytical skills like SEO keywords.

Before applying for digital marketing jobs, learn some basic skills – figure out how to use design software, how to take photos and how to edit a video – trust me, you might need them one day!

Some top-rated skills for prospective digital marketers:

  • Excellent writing ability

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Team player

  • Marketing practices knowledge – PPC, blogging, SEO etc

  • Social Media knowledge

  • Graphic design skills

  • Ability to analyse and make informed decisions

Craft the perfect cover letter

While your CV tells prospective employers your past history, your cover letter allows you to project your personality across. With a job like digital marketing, companies are always on the lookout for talented and passionate individuals, and what better way to show your talent than by writing a captivating cover letter? We know not every candidate applying for a digital marketing role will have a content writing talent, but by writing a cover letter with a difference, you can make sure that you stand out amongst your peers.

Why not try writing a story about how you came to be where you are today? What inspired you to pursue a career in this specific industry? Throw out the rulebook – employers can tell what skills you might have from your previous jobs, which should be listed on your CV (if not, then we’d suggest you start there first!). A cover letter that is generic and basic will only bore the person reading it – inject your own winning personality into it, whether that’s your use of sarcasm or humour or a fun fact about you that proves why you’d be a great hire!