Content marketing strategies involve the publication and sharing of online material.

If you’re a business that’s passionate about promotion, you’ll have a content marketing strategy. Don’t believe us? Do you share information about your business or brand online? Post on social media? Write a blog? Yep, you’ve got some sort of a strategy. Everyone’s doing it, perhaps not even realising it. However, having a strategy in place doesn’t necessarily mean it works. In fact, with the wrong content marketing strategies, you could actually be doing more harm than good. Hear us out; there are so many things you could do badly that could hinder your strategy. We know this puts more pressure on a business, but getting things right first time around can save so much time later on. So, to answer the question, ’do they actually work?”…

Yes, if done right. But how?

Man working on content markeeting strategy

You need a strategy…obviously!

To be successful in your content marketing, you need a strategy that works. Identify your KPI’s and what you want to achieve from your strategy, such as the number of views your content receives or the amount of traffic through to your website. As you achieve your goals, you should always amend your strategy, making sure that your targets are realistic and more effective. Content marketing strategies need to focus on the bigger picture. Think about your audience, your brand and how you’re going to make that profit.

Blogging and on-site content.

Churning out blog post after blog post can get you thinking of the validity of your efforts. How do you know whether your blogging attempts will make any difference whatsoever to the amount of traffic your website receives? The first thing to remember is that if you’re regularly blogging and improving your site’s content, that’s a big tick in the right box for Google. Regularly updated content is favoured by search engines!

However, simply writing content won’t be enough to get your pages ranking or to get them read by the right people. They need to be fully optimised for search and shared amongst your chosen social networking platforms. Likes, comments and retweets can get your content seen by people you haven’t initially targeted.

Promote your content.

Creating your content is great. It might look and sound good on the surface, but if that’s where things stop moving, then you’ve got a problem. You have to promote your content or it will never see the light of day. Content marketing strategies rely heavily on shares to succeed. Without promotion, you can easily get lost in the sea of competitors.

How do you promote your content? How can you ensure all your hard work gets seen by the right people online? From social media platforms to pitching bloggers and influencers to share your content, there are so many ways to get your content seen. If it’s interesting and informative enough, people will give it the time of day! This leads nicely onto our next point:

Analyse and monitor your progress.

Through analysing your past and present efforts, you can put your time into focusing on what the future holds for your business. However, there’s so much to consider. From your traffic and customers to keywords and content, there’s a lot you can monitor. In turn, you’ll be able to develop new strategies to benefit yourself in the future.

When analysing your performance, it’s worth getting on board with some of the top tools in the industry. Google Analytics and Search Console for example, are great ways to monitor where your traffic is coming from as well as which pages are ranking well (and which aren’t ranking so well!) When taking into account your keywords, industry-leading tools such as ProRankTracker are great to see which keywords your site is ranking for and if there have been any shifts in position. Through monitoring these tools closely, you can alter your marketing plan accordingly.

Create content that turns heads.

If people stumble across your content, firstly, great job! But secondly, if it’s not eye-catching enough, your readers will leave as quickly as they arrived. Quality is everything, and if you’re producing low-quality content, you’re giving your company or brand a bad name.

Businesses can struggle for a number of reasons when it comes to creating the right quality content. It can be a case of having a lack of content ideas or not knowing how to create engaging content that is well optimised. As is the case with all businesses, coming up with something new is a challenging thought, but doing so will help your business thrive. It can be difficult to stand out these days due to more businesses developing content marketing strategies, but putting the time and effort into it will pay you back well.

Overtake your competitors’ content.

Getting ahead of your competitors is what makes you stand out as a company. It’s true – you could be in a tough niche or find it difficult to make time for that all important content creation. The truth is that you need to make time. If you don’t, you’ll fall behind.

Research your competitors. What are they doing that you’re not doing? What are they doing very well and what are they doing not so well? This doesn’t mean you copy their every move, it just enables you to alter your strategy accordingly; out with the old, in with the new! Keep producing the right content and you’re well on your way. Just because a competitor may seem bigger than you, it doesn’t mean their strategy is spot on.

Practice faultless SEO.

Content marketing can’t work without SEO. SEOcan’t work without content marketing. Seeing a pattern forming? Both of these things need to be worked in together for you to even have a chance at making it big. Keeping SEO in mind when you’re creating your content will ensure that when your blog posts get published, or when your social media posts are scheduled in, you’ll get found in all the right places. Bear in mind the fact that keywords and phrases are needed naturally in your content to get that boost. Ensure you build links pointing to the pages you want to rank. With the right SEO techniques in place alongside your content marketing strategies, there’s no reason why you can generate more site traffic and custom in the process.

The important thing to remember here is that the people behind your business are human too. Don’t pretend that you’re all serious and robotic all day every day. If people can see the real you, they’ll be more likely to relate and connect. Put your content marketing strategies in place and see the difference all your efforts will make.

Get the right results with a dedicated content marketing agency.

Content marketing strategies are one of the ways to get businesses noticed. If you want results, you need the help of a digital agency who can deliver. At SEO Yorkshire, we offer a range of online marketing services and ensure they are affordable for local businesses like you. If you need help creating an effective content marketing strategy, contact us today on 01226 720 756.